Our second site

This post is the end of a two part article and if you haven’t read the first one,  make yourself at home and read it over here.

A year after and millions of feedback later we decided to revamp our site as a lot of our clients (and yes that includes you my dear) said that they particularly loves our laid-back and funny feels but thinks that our site is not so informative.

We also wants to create a blog so that’s that. Off we go!

Strangely we came up with something even weirder. Back then we are still trying to figure out how quirky we want to be to the point that we want this site to speak from the point of view of our Characters (I’ll talk about mr.terebi and co later). They are supposed to be a band of Aliens who start a Digital Agency after crash landed on Earth.


You can actually see some of the design elements on the second site being used on our third site, the one that you see right now :).

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