Jelly Pixel is now up! Some trip down the memory lane

Sorry to keep you waiting folks! Apparently we are better at making web and apps for other people than making one for our own and so.. since this is the grand opening of our *glorious* Jelly Pixel’s website why not take the opportunity to see how it evolves from the first design?

Jelly Pixel has always been professional but.. rather quirky in spirit. So two years ago when we first started we came up with this on our “under construction page”..


Now THAT is brand identity taken care of. No one’s gonna doubt that they will have a good time working with us.. right?

In a jiffy finally Jelly Pixel Website Mk.1 was done. We combined the under construction image with a bunch of other images and bring back something not short of a masterpiece.

slider2-hor slider3-hor

Or.. masterpieces as it’s never completed (can you find what’s missing?)


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